Grand Rapids Painting Contractor

Jon DeGraaf Painting

Looking for a Highly Skilled Painting Contractor?

Every residential and commercial property owner needs an extra coat of paint every now and again. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to find a painting contractor. In Grand Rapids, there’s one highly skilled painting company that stands out from the rest. Jon DeGraaf Painting has been serving the Western Michigan area for all their painting needs for three generations…more than 70 years!

It’s Not Just about Painting Anymore

Over the years, painting companies have changed. They’re not just about painting anymore because there’s so much more to do than applying paint to walls. Jon DeGraaf Painting provides excellent specialty painting services for commercial and residential properties at an affordable price, as well as a variety of other services for the residents of Grand Rapids.

We Offer Many Other Services to Our Clients

We offer other services to our clients, such as antique finishing, wood refinishing, resurfacing, wallpaper hanging and more. For instance, when dealing with antiques, we can provide you with different finishes, glazes and even distress markings to make the furniture look even older. We can easily resurface your cabinets with different stains, polishes or traditional paint. For all of your wall covering needs, we have multiple patterns and colors to choose from so you can have the look you’re dreaming of to improve your home or office.We have practically everything you need to spice up the look of your residential or commercial property in Grand Rapids so why not call us today for ideas and an estimate?

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